Discount Chinese Tea

Discount Chinese Tea


Dao Hua Xiang Dancong Dao Hua Xiang Dancong is the finest Dangcong in China!They call this Tea King and covet the fine spring hand harvest.  Try this Dangcong and realize what all Oolong lovers already know.  This is the finest single tree oolong available.  Grown at 1300 meters you can taste the refreshing mountain flavors.  Infusion after infusion up to 20 times you’ll enjoy this rare beauty.  Discount Chinese Tea Price $32.75(50 grams)
Mi Lan Xiang DancongMi Lan Xiang Dancong is a wonderful Dancong that will surprise all Oolong lovers!  Step up a few notches from all the other Dancongs you’ve tried and taste this single tree specialty.  This is an absolute gem!  Grown atop a 1200 meter mountain, the pure Spring scent is evident.  Saturating your tastebuds with floral essence and wild mountain air, this rare Dangcong will amaze you with 15 or more infusions!  Discount Chinese Tea Price $22.50(50 grams)
Bai Ji Guan Oolong Bai Ji Guan Special Grade tea is one of the five famous Wu Yi’s Oolong tea bushes.
Among all the Wu Yi teas, Bai Ji Guan is the rarest. This is because it requires great
skill and effort to produce this magnificent tea and there are not many tea masters
that can do it properly today, to begin with. One error and the tea leaves could turn
dark-brown like other Wu Yi teas.  And from these handfuls of skilled tea masters,
only a few of them are willing to process Bai Ji Guan tea. Its complex taste and
rarity makes it one of the most treasured Oolong in the world. Bai Ji Guans’ taste is
wonderfully complex. It starts off sweet, uniquely fruity with a toasty floral aroma
and finishes with a lingering fruit. Tea connoisseurs are in love with its lingering
refined flavor. Discount Chinese Tea Price. $44.50/3.53oz (100grams)

West Lake Dragon Well Spring TeaWest Lake Dragon Well, known as the Emperor Tea, is the finest Green Tea from China. And, this year is no exception!  Creamy and sweet with a hint of straw and grass. Smoothe and slightly viscous.  Harvested in early spring. This tea is absolutely addicting… sure to please an Emperor! Like a spring wind it comes and goes quickly! Limited Discount Chinese Tea Price $25.00/3.53oz (100grams)

Jun Shan Silver Needle Yellow Tea Jun Shan Silver Needle Special Grade is the Yellow Tea King! This rare and precious Yellow Tea  was sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin as China’s National Gift. Originates from Jun Shan Island (also known as the Island of Immortals) of Lake Dong Ting in Hunan Province.The yearly production of this tea is very limited, using only before and early Qing Ming harvest. It was an Imperial Tribute tea back in the ancient days, and is also well known as Chairman Mao’s favorite tea.  Slightly smokey & sweet! Sells Fast! Discount Chinese Tea Price $32.5o/3.53oz (100grams)

Long Jing Spring TeaLong Jing 1st Grade The name Long Jing means “Dragon Well”. This is   truly a marvelous Green Tea and one of the very first teas we offered for sale.  This Long Jing brews a cup of perfect tasting tea at a much more affordable price than “The Emperor!” With a smooth aroma, this delicately sweet tea has just a hint of chestnut fragrance. We can’t get enough.You too will want this as your every day tea!  So, stock up with enough of this beauty to brisk up your mornings.  It makes a great iced tea too! Discount Chinese Tea Price $12.45/3.53oz (100grams)


Tie Guan Yin Oolong TeaTie Guan Yin Special Grade is the finest example of China Oolong! The quality of a Tie Guan Yin tea is said to be derived from the combination of “Heaven, Earth and Man”. Heaven refers to the weather, as high grade Tie Guan Yin can only be cultivated when the weather is ideal. Earth is the soil and elevation, where elevated, rich and unpolluted grounds are desirable. And finally Man is the tea master who processes the tea. A skilled and experienced tea master is essential to produce the best Tie Guan Yin. Here is the result of the perfection of these three requirements! Such perfect Tie Guan Yin is extremely rare and usually reserved only for local VIPs and State guests. Sweet, marvelous flowery  taste and fragrance. Sweet lingering aftertaste that comes from your throat, filling your mouth and breath with wonderful fragrance.  Discount Chinese Tea Price $22.50/3.53oz (100grams)


Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea China Tie Guan Yin 1st Grade is the ultimate Discount Chinese Tea Oolong also known as Jade Oolong. This tea is as smooth as Chinese silk and as fragrant as spring blossom air! The excellent quality, at this price point, makes Jade a great everyday tea. Creamy, sweet, velvety, and slightly viscous. A great everyday Oolong and sure to please every tea lover. Discount Chinese Tea Price $12.75/3.53oz (100grams)


Bai Hao Silver Needle White Tea Bai Hao Silver Needle 1st  Grade.  This tea is the finest and most delicate Silver Needle White Tea we have ever tasted! The 1st infusion is loaded with smoked white fish and pine needles! And it goes on for 3 more infusions! Bai Hao is particularly valuable for its anti-toxin and cooling properties. Made only from tea buds and fully covered with silvery down. When steeped,the tea buds stand upright like a forest of stalagmites in the cup, creating a beautiful visual presentation. A must try for tea lovers. Discount Chinese Tea Price $12.25/3.53oz (100grams)


White Peony White Tea White Peony, is an elegant White Tea, also known as Bai Mu Dan, and Zhenghe varietal of the highest quality. Produced in China’s Fujian province during early spring, by carefully selecting only the finest tender buds and top two leaves of the white tea plant. With no caffiene, this results in a unique nutty bamboo fragrance and a sweet, savory taste. This tea is extremely refreshing as ice tea! Discount Chinese Tea Price$8.25/3.53oz (100grams)


Jasmine Silver Needle White TeaJasmine Silver Needle Special Grade is a White Tea manufactured by a process that uses relatively low heat and no rolling. The formative stage is an extended period of withering, during which enzymatic reactions progress under the right temperature, humidity and airflow. White Tea usually contains buds and young tea leaves, which have been found to contain lower levels of caffeine than older leaves. This is arguably the highest quality jasmine tea in all of China. The young tender leaves are picked during early spring time and carefully preserved until jasmine blooming season, in which they were scented. Even the jasmine flowers used in the scenting process are of higher quality.  This tea is very rare because not many tea makers are willing to use high quality young tea buds and leaves to make Jasmine-scented teas. The aroma is pure jasmine freshness while the taste is soothing, refreshing and has an aftertaste that leaves a lingering sweetness. Discount Chinese Tea Price $18.25/3.53oz (100grams)


Jasmine Dragon Pearl White Tea White Jasmine Dragon Pearl Special Grade is made by rolling the tender shoots of the White Tea leaves and buds into beautiful “pearls” and is scented with fresh jasmine petals. This tea is incredibly popular and will delight you. With “Special Grade”, compared to our standard Jasmine Dragon Pearl, the tea buds are slightly larger and have more white down. A tea that is rich, creamy, smooth and refreshing, with a delicate jasmine flower scent. You will truly enjoy this healthy tea. Discount Chinese Tea Price $12.25/3.53oz (100grams)


Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea Jasmine Dragon Pearl Special Grade is made by rolling the tender shoots of the Green Tea leaves and buds into beautiful “pearls” and is scented with fresh jasmine petals. This tea is incredibly popular and will delight you whether you are a beginner or the most avid tea drinker. A tranquilizing tea, light, refreshing, with a delicate jasmine flower scent. Discount Chinese Tea Price $14.45/3.53oz (100grams)


Black Tea China Black Tea 1st Grade Not many people know this but the best Black Tea originates from a small village within Qi Men County called Da Wu Village. This small village has a population of around a hundred people and produces some of the finest Black Tea in the world due to its high elevation and its pollution-free environment. The locals nicknamed this village “Qi Men Cha Di YiCun”, which translates to “Number One Keemun Tea Village”. A wonderful complex taste with floral sweetness and hint of rosy notes.  You can steep it as long as you want and it will  never go bitter from over-steeping. Rare & excellent quality! Discount Chinese Tea Sale$18.25/3.53oz (100grams)


Puer Tea China Puer tea is a class that has undergone a period of “aging” in open air, from several months to many years.The exposure of the tea to microflora, humidity and oxygen in the air causes it to undergo oxidation through auto-oxidation, and fermentation possibly by some reactivated oxidative enzymes in the tea. This alters the smell of the tea and typically mellows its taste, turning previously astringent or bitter teas into products that are thick and unctous, with pleasant mouth-feels and aftertastes. A most refined tea with apricot-like fragrance.    $16.25/3.53oz (100grams)


high mountain_Oolong_Tea_LeavesHigh Mountain Oolong 1st Grade The name high mountain Oolong can mean many countries and many different flavor types.  Our high mountain tea is from Taiwan and is very fragrant.  The tea has multiple infusions available and is very sweet and earthy.  Green Tea also comes from the high appellations and one of the very first teas we offered for sale. With a smooth aroma, this delicately sweet tea has just a hint of earthy fragrance. We can’t get enough of high mountain oolong and you too will agree…You’ll want this tea every day!  Discount Chinese Tea Sale  $10.45/1.76oz (50grams)


wenshan paochongWenShan Paochong Special Grade is the finest example of Green Tea From China! The quality of  WenShan Paochong tea is said to be derived from the original tea plants from mainland China. Pouchong, a slightly oxidized Oolong tea started in Qing Dynasty. As a tribute, this special Oolong was wrapped into a square-shaped package by two pieces of square writing paper to avoid the leak of the tea fragrance on its way to Emperor Guangxu, who named this tea Pouchong. Pou means wrap, Chong means variety The fragrance of Pouchong tea reminds you of a serene orchid flower in the valley: elegant, refined, quietly blooming with light floral fragrance. Tea liquor is golden in color, clear and transparent, reflecting its appealing inner beauty. Sweet, marvelous flowery notes taste and fragrance. Pay attention to the sweet lingering aftertaste that concurrently gives and feels heart warming. Discount Chinese Tea Sale $16.50/1.76oz (50grams)

Discount Chinese Tea

 Discount Chinese Tea

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